REWARD: Rescue funds from Exodus Wallet - $1000 Reward!

Hi All,

Some time ago I decided to use Exodus Wallet to store some of my crypto (luckily, only some). The Exodus UI sure looked nice, so I assumed (incorrectly) that the back-end was probably well-written and the company respectable.

Since January 2021, I discovered that not only can I not send Lisk (LSK) from Exodus Wallet but they don’t respond to support emails. It looks like the wallet has screwed up how it stores the keys locally, or worse yet, has incorrectly implemented how Lisk accounts work and the funds are now lost (and they refuse to own up?).

The reality is, I don’t know because their support don’t respond. They don’t support their broken wallet, as the below emails reveal. I’ve provided them everything they asked for including logs, screen captures and a “watch-only wallet” (which is total violation of my privacy) and they still can’t be bothered to respond.

This suggests that not only is Exodus a shoddily built product, but a shoddily run company. This is extremely worrisome to say the least for those of us unlucky enough to have entrusted it with our crypto.

Anyway, after 2 months of nothing from their support, I am humiliatingly appealing to the public for any help. I am prepared to offer a bounty reward of USD $1000 to help me rescue the stuck Lisk (LSK).

The error message I am getting is:

{“code”:409,”name”:”Error”,”message”:”Invalid sender publicKey”,”stack”:”Error: Invalid sender publicKey\n at f (/Applications/\n at async /Applications/\n at async /Applications/\n at async /Applications/”}

Happens on latest version.


My latest emails to them:

The last email I received from them:

My original emails:

I sent them probably 50 emails since this asking for status update, and no response.

If you think you can help with this issue, send me a PM here and we’ll take it from there.

Developer at PascalCoin, Inventor of RandomHash, Developer of, Founder & CEO of PascalCoin Foundation, Director of Sphere 10 Software.

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